The Light of the Well

by Good Looking Friends

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released April 17, 2020

Zach Fischer: vocals, many guitars, keys, loops, lyrics, arrangements
Sean Nolan: bass, ambience, guitars, backing vocals, harmonica, keys
Adam Rossi: drums, structure, backing vocals, keys
Shelley Washington: winds, vocals, edits, arrangements
Lorenzo Wolf: shruthi, 12 string, keys
Rachel Lightner: vocals
Andrew Goetz: vibes
Maddie Bouissou: cello
Emily Holden: violin
Brad Lightner: trumpet
Devon Reed: keys
Bryn Neiober: screams
Meg Gouda: sings
Todd, Bryn, Chris, Molly: the mob

All songs recorded at Restoration Sound, Brooklyn, produced engineered by Lorenzo Wolf.
except Chased, recorded by Zach with the gang upstate
and Lawman, engineered and produced by Dara Hirsch at Restoration Sound

All songs mixed, fixed, and finished by Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios

Thanks Kelly for all the art

Special thanks to James for building us a narrative and introducing us

Extended touring family and best friends: Cheer Up, No Thank You, Greg Mendez, Sno.W.Hore, winter denizens of Sodom, Bystander, Rob's House and Owen, Perrenial, Future Teens, Stay Inside, Nervous Dater, Hit Like a Girl, Steve., Still Hungry, Jane, Wisteria et al, Bartees, Cold Wrecks, Common Sage, Ultra Deluxe, Cave Paint, Mineral Girls Crew, Concrete Concrete, Max, Cristina, Joe, Matt, Sweet Baby Joel, Kali, Brianna, everyone's parents, everyone who booked us, everyone who wrote about us, everyone who listened to us, everyone who shared their dreams with us. We're blessed to have such good friends and family.


all rights reserved



Good Looking Friends New York, New York

Brooklyn bangers.
We're Trying/Old Press Records.
Come hang out.


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Track Name: Bravery
When I grew up I wanted to be an astronaut;
Leave earth behind, blast off to find
a pale oasis/pair of aces
out under the stars.

That dream is dead. I'm barely fed,
I end up in a cell as often as I end up in a bed.

The only stars I ever see
flash in the back of my eyelids
when my head hits the concrete.

Passing out can be so sweet,
It resets the beating.
Another night locked up waiting for the sun to shine.
In or out, it's just as fine.
What do you know, it's
another night locked up waiting for the sun to shine.

Bet you never talked to somebody like me
with your coward's voice and college degree.
You crossed the street, we happened to meet,
I had nothing to eat so you were on the menu
Gun to your head, your teeth on the grass,
that cop came out of nowhere and saved your ass, but if I

had had your luck, I sure as fuck wouldn't be
wasting away for the same fuck who had zoned me.

I never asked to be lonely.
I’m one of a kind.
Another night locked up waiting for the sun to shine

Another night locked up waiting for the sun to shine
A busted orbital and a metal bed after the fight
A coward’s flight in the dead of night

I've been a victim all my life.
I don't plan anymore, I'm just a small chain reaction
objecting to wealth, objecting to you,
I'm grounded for life, but what I do
is mine to choose and I won't blame you for it.
It's a pain to orbit.
Another night locked up, waiting to get what’s mine.
Track Name: Euphoria
Vacant eyes and a place I can hide.
Settled for decay, won't let it stay that way.
I had a lot to learn when I started red pills.
Truth, I will find it.

So much is wrong, it won’t fit into a song,
“There's nowhere I belong, and I will blame you for it.”
Watching the ticker turn like a broker,
knowing, that they'll never riot.

Euphoria! Make the World Turn Off!
The first stone’s the righteous one, alright.

"Never again" is a sad game of pretend.
Don't know how it'll end but
I know can start it.
I've got the power coursin’ through my fingers,
growing to the stuff of legends

Open the door, dodge the garbage on the floor,
hope for something more, but I got these empty pockets.
I had a lot to learn when I started
there was flashing, and ashes, and it got so violent

Euphoria! Make the World Turn Off!
The first stone is the righteous one, alright.

Euphoria! Is a loaded gun!
And target's paint up like kites.
Track Name: Multiply
Packed into this basement like a bale of hay,
I'm not feeling so good about anything today:
I'm distracted, I'm annoying,

Not feeling right, so I go outside.
Pull my hood around my head, get the line tight.
Hiding plain sight don’t hide enough.

It’s all sulfur smell and it's hard to tell.
I met this woman named Six, she says “we're living in hell” and
ever since then the ground's been eroding.

It's gonna to hurt so much when I have to die
or that you might just die first.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to be without you.
I want to see you Multiply.

Walk down to the pier,
get called a queer.
Guess I didn't leave high school behind me.

Do I flip em off, or do I stare at the ground?
Nobody means what they say, it’s all just gas and sound.
You're my safety.
You're my conscience.

I remember the path, the dancing light,
avoid the fight.
Where I come from they say “love’s a bummer.”

It's gonna hurt so much when I have to die
or that you might just die first:
I don't want to be alone.
And the motion slows, but what do I know
except that it grows, it grows, it grows, it grows?
Out in the meadow, they're kicking the kettle around.
I don't want to be without you.
I just want to see you Multiply,

a little glint in my eye.
Back in the basement it's all alright.
Multiply, multiply,
would you come home with me tonight?
Figure it out in the morning?
All through the night
when will it start again?
It'll start again.
Track Name: Chased
Chasing trains in borrowed jackets,
pay my rent like I'm speed racer.
Making friends with all the crack heads
and chased down alleys by teenagers.

Running from my past like a spirit,
but I don't believe in it.
Let it pass.

Do I recognize the face in the glass? (No!)
Go outside? Or stay in and hide.

Wanna ask you how you're doing
but if I'm being honest, I won't be
writing down any of the answers.
Sharing's a feeling best served Warm and Light/Warm at Night/
Try my best to make something special,
but a costuming kestrel.
The starling hides.

There is a rhythm to being alive.
It's like the tide going out to the side.

This is the sound of malcontent.
Erase it and begin again.
Track Name: Structure
Woke from a dream where my family all died.
I survived.
Waking's surreal when the power goes out.
Am I still alive?
Float like a starling,
head reeling, "darling,
"you're out in the control"

I'm in an engine of iron and coal.
Sober and small,
dodging the call,
do what I'm told.

Blinded by the blinding light of Castle Braid,
Wanna light a fire in this place I made, but
bask in a sunshine shining from a screen,
bloody-eyed, serene.

Have to get started, surrounded by garbage,
a cat and a dog.
These are the passions of playing along:
false alarms,
pleasure and harm,
rubber and fog.

Dodging the graffiti from the swastika boys.
Keep my head down and don't make any noise.
There is a violence humming on the street.
Let it beat.

Stopped on the sidewalk, let ‘em beat their point home.
Scapegoat sized, the bruises rise, swell under your bones.
And are you happy now?
Have you covered up the sound
of failures not allowed?
Of failures and crimes?

It's time to go!
it's time to go!
Get out and over.

No use for crying out.
I'm docile and defeated, oh!
If might makes right, you might be tied down.
It goes it goes it goes it goes.

Summer sales for shopping comin’ through on my phone.
Go ice the bodega with a microphone.

They're praying to God that the Weekend will sell
before it goes to hell

Never was ready to be so unsteady
They promised us a part of it and sold us out

Analphabatapothololgy, cannibal ecology
And I don’t want to hurt her, but it’s selfish to

Want for us a family and a place to call home.
A fire on the stove and a land to churn.
These are the passions of being alive.
Stuff my favorite shirt into a shopping bag.
The smile’s gonna bleed out the mouth of these.

RoyOil exploiters, fat selling us hate
I’m more than just a target on their data lake

No hope that the hopeless will find their way home
Before it all will burn and the land returns.
These are distractions from being alive

survive survive survive survive survive
Track Name: Lawman
I got into the job to stop violence.
Three weeks in I learned I fucking loved it.
Stopping and frisking's the most play I’ll get all day.
That's just the way it goes.

Lining's not silver, it's blue
and gold and red and black.
You've got no hope to resist,
you’ve got no grounds to attack.
You look so pretty with your larynx on the pavement.

You wanted out? I'll make you want it more.

I was a kid when I watched them take my city.
That was the day I burned all my heroes.
Watching the plastic and rubber go, like lovers scorned...

You’re on the sidewalk,
Turning blue.
Ready or not,
I can see through all the cracks I’ve split in you.
That’s just how I do.

Sipping styrofoam and coffee in the fluorescence,
making the make believe talk with wimpy egoes:
They’re singing the manifest songs, like Mao tap dancing on bones
They wanted out? They make want to hurl.

And then the room was punctured with the presence,
united under a light, under obsolescence,
they raised their hands up high
and to the roof they sang:

"We want out. We didn't ASK FOR MORE.
“That's enough."

They want out? That's what they said,
they want out? That's for sure!
And when I'm done, they'll want it even more.
They want out, (well I’ve got the gun and) that's for sure.
We'll put ‘em down. That's enough.
Track Name: Survive
Trapped in a well
thinking this really is hell and
I should have been begging for an out by now.

The desert is freezing, the spring will decide,
they skinned Yamamoto and left me to die.

The piss dried on my face,
a memory that's hard to erase.

We were just following orders
but the borders'
Mongolian guards were, too.
Body’s broken, there’s nothing to do

but sit and wait for the light to arrive.
I'm awake, can't tell if I'm alive.
When I'm awake, can't tell if I'm alive.

Sick on the floor,
I got a weak constitution for violence.

Tears dried on my face,
should be conserving water,

but the slaughter!
History is a comma, I am end point.

When I'm awake, can’t tell I’m alive…
When I'm awake, can’t tell I’m alive…
When I'm awake, can’t tell I’m alive…

The sun eclipses the mouth of my cell
There's a circle of light where I fell
I'll climb out of the hole like Garou and
make it to 80 with a story tell,
even if I die in the light of the well.
Even if I died in the light of the well...

Sucked out of the story
to a body tucked in bed.
Buzzing devices halo my head
but I still see what Murakami said:

“When I'm awake, can't tell if I'm alive.”
Track Name: No Thanks
Stuck inside for too many days,
watching the valley snows.
Lost the electricity when
all the pipes froze.

Made it to morning
with a blanket and a bucket
and a death wish for the landlord,
read the find print, deconstruct it.

"This house is such a shithole
"like the fender of a car wreck,
"but fill it up with people,
"it's emotive, it's an object,"

like wind blows through these thin walls,
like echoes down your school’s halls,
like master plans and last calls,
master plans and last calls:

So human to fear you.

You're in the front row, and
I barely know you yet.
The rafters fill with smoke and
the air is slick with sweat.

The floor beams bending with the
wasted and their diets
and the promise ain't a purpose.
It's a long shot, it's a riot.

Get fucked up, cheers a Structure we don't
understand when sober.
Spin round, make a tower,
then knock each other over

We don’t know how to fix what’s wrong
but words can turn the power on.
Lord knows we’re too far gone
but sing a world inside a song,

outside of what we’re buying
like your name in concrete, drying
the foundation in the basement
Of a bar…

So human to fear you.
Track Name: Leonard
Your body takes credit, but time will collect
all the life that you write off in your debt.
Leonard falls down in the crosswalk between
Franklin street and Lafayette.

His 240 pounds are dead weight on the ground,
a wet bed of concrete and slime.
Life is a pennant and you get a few tries
but the losses soak deep when they're found.

He lifts up his shirt to show me where it hurts
and his belly is a valley of scars.
He don't know where we are, but his left half's distended,
twice the size of my head, and twice as hard.

People get numb, and the numbers can't count
how many times they end up on the floor,
or which time in the hospital they were spit out of
when they learned not to care anymore.

Now Leonard's in a stretcher, holding hands with his shrew
while his wife's away rotting in jail.
But my habits are habits, and I'm washing this one down
in a bar down on Rivington with Gale.

Your body takes credit but time will collect.
You hope someone holds out a hand.
And when that ambulance stops to pull you inside,
You hope you've got enough dignity to stand.

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