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From Kali Keish, the Deli:

"Good Looking Friends is a three-piece indie emo, post rock influenced band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Regardless of what their name may suggest, their music portrays people who feel like they just don’t quite belong, struggling with the anxiety to fit in in this gigantic, upside down world. Their lyrical complexity is paired with their ability to create energetic, yet atmospheric, almost ambient instrumentals that draw people in and just make them want to think. In June 2016, they released the EP, “You Won’t Die,” a collection of songs that delve into the life in New York City. The follow-up “You Won” was released in Novemember 2016 and shows a harder side to this band, with harsher and more emotional vocals. Elaborating on the themes from “You Won’t Die,” the last two tracks, “End of the World” and “Fallowfield” lead into each other and immerse the listener in what really is a perfect soundtrack to the end of the world. Led by the intensity of vocalist/guitarist Zachary Fischer’s powerful lyrics and voice, the four minutes of ambient noise then bursts, full of color, in a dynamic finale. "


released November 3, 2016

[Copyright 2016, all rights reserved] All songs written and performed by Good Looking Friends. Recorded and mixed at Gravesend Studios in Brooklyn NY, by Dara Hirsch and Kegan Zema. You Won and Fallowfield mixed by Andrew Goetz and Fehad. Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Philadelphia PA. Special thanks to Rachel Lightner for vocals on You Won and Dakota; Madeleine Bouissou and Gabrielle Fischler for cello and violin on Dakota, The End of the World, and Fallowfield; and Kegan Zema for synths on Fallowfield.

Especial thanks to the owners of all the couches and floors we’ve slept on during tour, everyone who has helped out with For It! Records, our families, and all the people who inspired these songs.




Good Looking Friends New York, New York

Come hang out.


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