Settle In, Decay

by Good Looking Friends

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released April 6, 2018

© Good Looking Friends, 2018, all rights reserved. Engineered by Lorenzo Wolff, Dara Hirsch, Chris Teti. Mixed by Chris Teti, Lorenzo Wolff. Recorded at Restoration Sound and Silver Bullet Studios in 2017. Mastered by Dan Coutant at the Sun Room. Lucille Bitan and Celine Boudier: silky smooth voices. Maddie Bouissou: cello. Lorenzo Wolff: magical gear, computer magic, slide guitar. Chris Teti: pedal board. Nick Kwas: violins, key things, mouth stuff. Adam Rossi: drums, mouth amp, meta analysis. Sean Nolan: Bass, most cool sounds, mumbles, cover ups. Zach Fischer: word stuff, melody stuff, guitars, weaker key things. The tuff gang in the studio: Kevin Cunningham and Danielle Stancovic. All songs written by Good Looking Friends. Front Cover photo by Evan Laudenslager, back cover by Sean Nolan in Rob's backyard. Cover layout by Good Looking Friends. Thanks Old Press for taking a chance on this, the For It! family, our buds up and down the Eastern Seaboard who book us and let us book them, and everyone who helps keep this scene breathing and music pumping.


all rights reserved



Good Looking Friends New York, New York

Brooklyn bangers.
We're Trying/Old Press Records.
Come hang out.


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Track Name: After the Heat of the Day
After the heat of the day,
some folks settle for decay.
It's always been that way.

Pretending to clean up your room,
advice turns into gloom.
Settle for the the vice of your dad,
the best chance you had to find sleep.
The 'coulda-done-more' creeps
through the parking lot songs,
"I'm not part of the problem,"
but you can't help but sing along,

"not part of the problem."
The heat secretes from outside in.
The secrets beat against your skin.
Tracking everybody's sins

is part of the problem;
After the heat of the day,
the car alarms are dramas
and the bulletins, telenovelas.

"Primo, andele, don't be outside
for the heat of the day."
Settle in, decay
Settle in, decay
Settle in, decay
Track Name: Front Porch
Take over the front porch,
I swore I'd never be coming back to Boston.
Down the street and insecure
from her naked room, her naked room, her naked...

Another flash of memory, a bombshell burst
takes us onto the floor,
on tour, in love, while Crispy jacks the bed together.
On the front porch we hide,
best friend fights, push it off to the side
It all unfolds and I'll stay, I'll say what I say.

"She looked beautiful that night,
but another phone call won't make it right."
Beer and a shot, I feel alright,
but her naked room is far away.

She didn't mean to lie, just pass the time,
and it's coming true, it's all coming back,
Disaster, I don't want mine,
in my mental state and the bottle's taste,
Disaster, I don't want mine,
and she won't decline for those types of guys,
Disaster, I don't want mine.
I'm on my own, I'm out for you.
Track Name: Vesper
A second thought, it's not as hard as I remember it,
oh my dead poet.
Step off the train admitting admitting all the things I've known.
What have I described for?
This atrophy, the recoil of memory?
It worked for you, could work for me, too.
Too many drinks, figured out what makes me sink.
Too many drinks, sucks me in and makes me stink.

The body stopped and fell apart, what I inherited:
this ground bound stoic.
Open my eyes and feel them breathing down my neck,
all these strangers gaping.
A dizzy ring and blurry scenes, like all things I've lost,
left there in the mud that marks the morning after.
Get lost in time, rearrange what makes me mine.
Get lost in time, rearrange, call it mine.

Your mom found God again and talks about about the accident
like you're still there beside her.
Inside your house, I feel like I could never change.
It's the same as when we played there.
And how 'bout me? The mail-in? the absentee?
"I'd know you anywhere, it means so much that you care."
Caught up in everything that's passed,
and it knocks me on my ass.
It knocks me on, it knocks me out.

I know the light and dark you found
buried in the underground;
Dissolute and spectral and the matter made a sound.
Dog legs in the hound.
Was it really just a bluff?
Will it ever be enough?

The gravel pit mounds that took over your lawn
are like burial grounds for the man I never bothered to know.
Your dad appears, slinking out of the closet
with a face like a funeral. Seeing me caused it

His eyes from the glass of his breathing mask ask me to
search for you.
I'm a time machine bomb as I scour your your lawn,
and I burn, I burn for you.

This is not a fate I could have guessed when we were young,
before acid hit the tongue, you're undone, sucking
cigarettes down just to get through the day
and absolve absolve absolve
Track Name: SOLD!
There goes my plane ticket.
The ground's not quite the same
when you're looking down at it, no;
Watching sunrises rise.

What do we leave behind?
A couple deeds forgotten in the twilight
when others lose their minds.
Every sunrise will fall.

I've got 21 years coming out of my head.
They won't stop pouring out.
I've got 45 fears to live before I'm dead
that need to be figured out.

I've got so much to do
and it really shouldn't matter if I'm talking to you:
You're the light of my eyes.
But still you look to a different day,
I'll have to turn my back on you,
watching you sway away,
watching you die young

isn't quite as much fun
as I thought it would be when
we were both boxed in,
when we promised we'd stay friends,
when it started way back then,
and I can't do it again.

We'll be home for the summertime.
Don't forget to write.
You'll go and I'll grow
and we'll both tread water 'til our feet find snow.

You'll say what you see,
but what does that mean to me?
Track Name: Birds
Teach me what to say,
get high and hide away.
Shuttering the rage,
kitchen jokes and double plays.

The wall was built, we'll carry that guilt
'til our dying day.
The vanities and charities
still made sense to me.

Tomorrow, go to work;
pretened I barely know you
'til thursday blooms and we resume
this rail-carting masquerade.

But I can't stand sitting next to you,
pretending that I want it, too,
while the mean old men are messing with your mind.
Pulled ahead while you get left behind.

There's a little bird in my head
that pecks and brutalizes non-believers.
This culture's kept us cooped and locked away.
I deface it every day,
rattling my cage.
Track Name: You'll Stay Out, I'll Stay Up
Fast asleep, I find you.
Even though you had enough,
you know it's not enough, down to you.
You'll stay out,
I'll stay up

Years away, I'll fine tune
how to make it funny when I say
"It's just another day."
I'll shut up.
You stay out.

Lazily, I'll nest, too.
Loving you through all the vom.
Where are you coming from?
How can I get to where you stay?

Rearrange the funny pages 'til
we have narrative that stand still.
Memorize the grain on your sill
'til we're over the hill,

I'll shut up.
Track Name: Southern Live Oaks
Lost in thought from the drugs we bought,
the bayou is singing its lust
and I'm losing trust
that its song is for us.

Gold when we're thrown but we're trash when we land.
I'll find you and ask to say hi.
Tell me a lie,
enough to get by.

I don't expect to remember it.
I'll cross my heart til it hurts to breathe.
Stops me to say that it's only 'ok' when the melody
carries us over sea.

Unsteady ground, but still hanging around,
it's an island cut out from a lake.
Making mistakes
and calling too late.

The secret's out and I'm too stoned to shout;
I'm a circle cut out from a square.
Tell me you'll care
and ask me what's fair.

I don't expect to remember it.
I'll sell myself 'til it's time to leave.
Playing pretend, I'll see you again when we're melody.
When the wind takes us out over sea.
Track Name: Censor
The picture you would have sent to me are online,
a public facing bread crumb for me to find.
It's an scene from a story that I'd never tell:
"We've been putting each other through hell."

Climb into the belly of the bar, entranced,
Fear I'm no better than a circumstance,
but I fear what I feel around my very best friends.
If it's a means to an end, what's it mean?

Didn't mean to come off so strong,
I learned my lesson.
Digging through the early songs,
I count my blessings.
Let each memory pop and explode.
Don't need to be alone, but

you're the censer I never thought I'd need.
Pull me down from the pulpit to my knees.
It's an act from a play I claim that I've never seen,
but I saw it in a dream I forgot about
when the morning came.

There's a little bird in my head
That pecks and brutalizes non-believers.
The culture's kept us cooped and locked away.
I deface it every day,
Rattling my cage.

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