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Woke from a dream where my family all died.
I survived.
Waking's surreal when the power goes out.
Am I still alive?
Float like a starling,
head reeling, "darling,
"you're out in the control"

I'm in an engine of iron and coal.
Sober and small,
dodging the call,
do what I'm told.

Blinded by the blinding light of Castle Braid,
Wanna light a fire in this place I made, but
bask in a sunshine shining from a screen,
bloody-eyed, serene.

Have to get started, surrounded by garbage,
a cat and a dog.
These are the passions of playing along:
false alarms,
pleasure and harm,
rubber and fog.

Dodging the graffiti from the swastika boys.
Keep my head down and don't make any noise.
There is a violence humming on the street.
Let it beat.

Stopped on the sidewalk, let ‘em beat their point home.
Scapegoat sized, the bruises rise, swell under your bones.
And are you happy now?
Have you covered up the sound
of failures not allowed?
Of failures and crimes?

It's time to go!
it's time to go!
Get out and over.

No use for crying out.
I'm docile and defeated, oh!
If might makes right, you might be tied down.
It goes it goes it goes it goes.

Summer sales for shopping comin’ through on my phone.
Go ice the bodega with a microphone.

They're praying to God that the Weekend will sell
before it goes to hell

Never was ready to be so unsteady
They promised us a part of it and sold us out

Analphabatapothololgy, cannibal ecology
And I don’t want to hurt her, but it’s selfish to

Want for us a family and a place to call home.
A fire on the stove and a land to churn.
These are the passions of being alive.
Stuff my favorite shirt into a shopping bag.
The smile’s gonna bleed out the mouth of these.

RoyOil exploiters, fat selling us hate
I’m more than just a target on their data lake

No hope that the hopeless will find their way home
Before it all will burn and the land returns.
These are distractions from being alive

survive survive survive survive survive


from The Light of the Well, released April 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Good Looking Friends New York, New York

Brooklyn bangers.
We're Trying/Old Press Records.
Come hang out.

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